GEMA credits for Corona closing times - application possible from mid September

We had already informed you in our March newsletter that GEMA will not charge any GEMA license fees for the period of official closures.

Maybe you have been wondering why you have received invoices in the meantime?
GEMA can only refund or offset these credits retroactively on a pro rata basis. For this reason, the individual closing times must be recorded separately.

sonicsense is a full service music service provider. In addition to our constantly fresh music content, we also offer our customers GEMA consulting or administration services. Therefore we would like to inform you at this point about how you can receive the credits.
So first of all, you have to ask yourself whether you manage the GEMA facilities yourself or whether we have done this for you.
If we die GEMA-Administration für Sie erledigen, brauchen Sie nichts weiter unternehmen. Wir kümmern uns um die Erfassung der Schließzeiten und die Abrechnung und Abwicklung mit der GEMA.

If you manage your GEMA affairs yourself, you must apply for a credit note. In order to apply for the credits, all music users have to inform GEMA about their individual business closing times via the GEMA online portal as of . For this purpose the users receive a special code from GEMA by mail.

When the music user has received the code, he/she must log in under his/her profile (if not already there, a profile must be created). There he will then find the tile "Closing of businesses" on his dashboard, where he has to enter his customer number and a special code in order to be able to enter his individual closing times (from 16.3.2020 at the earliest) and a bank account for possible necessary refunds.

After clicking on "Communicate lock", the locking period for the selected usage location can be entered. A distinction is made between "complete locking" and "partial locking". A "partial closure" exists if only a part of the facility was allowed to be opened due to official orders. In this case, the customer has to indicate, in addition to the closing times, how large the total area of his business is and how large the opened area was. In case of a partial closure, the square meters are always queried, regardless of the required tariff characteristics. The customer has the possibility to provide further information via the "comment field".

If a customer has not received the GEMA letter with the code, he can request the code in the portal and thus trigger the postal dispatch of the same.

Please also note that it is possible that we have received this letter, since we are registered there as the contact for the GEMA administration. In this case, the code does not need to be requested via the GEMA portal.

If you have any questions, please call 040/ 55 700 60 or write to

Best regards
Your sonicsense Team