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Spotify and iTunes are exclusively for private use. Using them in a business setting would be illegal and not licenced. sonicsense, however, is fully licenced for use in businesses.

Both sonicsenseAudio, sonicsenseVideo and Vidoo are PLUG&PLAY systems and easy to install and operate. Connecting to the Internet requires no expertise. If you are using firewalls or fixed IP addresses, our free telephone support will help you.

sonicsense works even without an Internet connection being available. All programmes, pre-set functions and playlists continue working uninterrupted. An Internet connection is only required for program commands and to load music or software updates.

all customers will have access to the sonicRemote (application (for mac and windows) – the system can be operated remotely from anywhere as long as there’s a working internet connection.

The sonicsense team has over 30 years of solid experience in music composition and production of feature films, TV series, TV movies, commercials, exhibitions and events. Influence emotions through music and sound is the top expertise of the sonicsense team. In addition, the very large GEMA / AKM-free music catalogue (Royalty Free) is only available exclusively from sonicsense.

sonicsense offers approx. 125 GEMA/ AKM-liable channels of various music and sound styles and 20 GEMA/ AKM-free music and sound channels. As a customer, you can freely bundle the channels and assign them to different audio outputs, so that you can freely decide to exclude certain or all of your areas from the GEMA payment.

The quality of our royalty-free music and sound channels is in no way inferior to the other channels, as we license original titles directly from international artists for this offer, who remain subject to GEMA/ AKM for other types of use. Sound channels with special atmos like sea, forest, jungle, birds etc. are GEMA-/ AKM-free in any case. In any case we recommend an individual music consultation with our specialists.

We offer our customers a comprehensive GEMA check free of charge and, if desired, we can also take over the entire GEMA administration including royalty payments. You save yourself tough and lengthy negotiations with your collecting society (GEMA, AKM, etc.) and save yourself a lot of work and the possibly annoying visits of the field staff.

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