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Save with sonicsense neat GEMA fees. We'll get the best out of your country's collecting society!

Collecting societies like the Collecting societies are everywhere. The tariffs and conditions are confusing and often incomprehensible to the layman. Music usage that is not registered in time can even become twice as expensive afterwards. sonicsense customers can lean back and relax due to our decades of experience, because we take over the entire communication with the respective collecting society for you on request and as a rule can also negotiate special discounts.

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What is GEMA anyway?

GEMA is the German "Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights". As a state-recognised trustee, it has been administering the exploitation rights of musicians for over 100 years now.

GEMA is a collecting society. It has the legal form of a commercial association. Its work is subject to supervision and control by the German Patent Office, the Federal Cartel Office, the Berlin Senator of Justice and the General Meeting of GEMA.

The activities of GEMA consist of two main tasks:

1. whoever plays music in public must acquire the rights to use the music from GEMA. Whether it's a pub, supermarket, radio station or fitness club - there are special tariffs for everyone, based on the estimated number of listeners.

2. the licence fees collected shall be passed on to the composers, lyricists and music publishers, less a processing fee.

By the way, GEMA does not make any profits: after deducting administrative costs, GEMA distributes all revenues to domestic and foreign authors whose works have been performed. In this post from our blog we explain why GEMA is allowed to do all this.

Cleverly combined - GEMA fees saved

We support you in further reducing your costs. Where GEMA-licensed music can be dispensed with, we use internationally exclusively licensed, high-quality GEMA-free music and support you with our special GEMA check service.
GEMA-free music has become a real alternative for use in a special
area, such as changing rooms, wellness or physio areas.

Our music catalogue of royalty-free music is now so large that even upmarket music demands can be regularly served with new and sophisticated music that is considered royalty-liable elsewhere.
Even a medium-sized studio or salesroom can quickly save several hundred euros in fees per year. Read here how you can save real money every year and drastically reduce GEMA fees.

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