Our licencing service

With sonicsense, you ease your wallet and your nerves. We’ll get the best deal for you from the collecting society in your country!
Collecting societies like the German GEMA society are everywhere. The tariffs and conditions are confusing and often incomprehensible for the average person. Music usage that is not registered in time can even become twice as expensive afterwards. sonicsense customers can lean back and relax on the basis of our decades of experience, because we take over the entire communication with the respective collecting society for you on request and can usually also negotiate special discounts.

Clever combination saves you even more money

We support you in lowering your costs even further. Where you can dispense with licenced music, we can include premium, internationally and exclusively licenced, royalty-free music. Royalty-free music has become a real alternative for use in specific areas, such as changing rooms.

Our music catalogue of royalty-free music is meanwhile so large that even highly discerning music tastes can be regularly served with new sophisticated music. Even a medium-sized studio or salesroom can quickly save several hundred euros in fees per year in this way.

Your advantages

  • Free check of your collecting society contract
  • Transaction of the entire communication with the collecting society
  • Administration of your collecting society concerns
  • Profit from our long years of experience in dealing with collecting societies and from the discounts we are granted
  • Select from more than 30 royalty-free music channels
  • Advice in the selection of royalty-licenced or royalty-free music


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