The moving element

Bilder bewegen Botschaften und lenken die Gedanken in eine vorbestimmte Richtung. Umso wichtiger ist es eigene Botschaften und Videos uhrzeitgenau einbinden zu können. Mit sonicsense-Video kreieren Sie die perfekte Wohlfühlatmosphäre für erfolgreiches Marketing.

sonicsenseVideo channels


They got it!
Our dynamic and fascinating sports videos provide an motivating ambience.
Nobody can avert its glance of this!

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This is where the wanderlust kicks in!
Our beautifull and exotic nature and animal videos are creating a longing mood. Time flys by watching.

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Music videos

As if you were there!
We guarantee: The hottest and most popular music videos are bringing on the feel good mood instantly!

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sonicsenseVIDEO facts

Around 500 hours of hand-picked video clips in high quality

Programmes can be adjusted to holidays or special events with individuall schedules

eigene Videoclips können in das laufende Programm eingefügt und nach Zeitplan abgespielt werden

Option of three video programmes: activity sports, nature and music videos

New playlist generated every day

No interruption of image/sound in the event of Internet connection failure. Operates without streaming; Internet is only required for software and content updates

Additional Features

  • On request with or without royalty-free musical accompaniment
  • Fully automatic system and content updates several times a week
  • Simple plug & play installation
  • Technical support free of charge

Delivery package

  • 24/7-Video-Terminal-Player, Stereo-HiFi-Sound und Full-HD 1080p Video werden Ihnen für die Dauer des Vertrags kostenlos gestellt
  • Rack rail available (optional)
  • LAN and video/audio cables are included

Vidoo - The low-price offline video package

  • 120 minutes of top-quality nature clips
  • Ideal for wellness, spa and changing room areas, waiting rooms, etc.
  • Plug & play installation directly to your monitor (HDMI), including digital signage module (own texts, clips, logo)
  • The sonicsense Vidoo mini-player (dimensions: 111 x 11 x 11 cm) is supplied to you free of charge for the duration of the contract
  • Ambient music (100 % royalty-free) included on request


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