Are you still looking for the right music for your company? Here you are exactly right. Just as only a master chef can create an excellent palate composition from products that anyone can buy at a weekly market, we put together an optimal program for every target group, every room and every marketing strategy from millions of recordings. Individually selected music and sound programs create an atmosphere that perfectly matches your corporate identity and positively underlines it. Modern or classic, dynamic or calming, elegant or motivating.

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sonicsenseAUDIO facts

Choose from more than 140 music channels and 30 royalty-free music and sound channels or create your own playlists

Each audio outlet plays an individually selected music and sound program, multiple audio outlets can be operated in parallel

daily fully automatically updated playlists ensure maximum variety of music for your company

Music playlists can be set separately for each weekday/hour/duration by individual schedules (adjustment to visitor flow, special events, advertising)

sonicRemote software for Mac/PC for online remote control of all functions: channel settings, playlists, schedules, announcements, preferences for individual music titles, etc

No interruption of music in the event of Internet connection failure

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