New: The sonicsenseTablet - total control, now also mobile!

Access and control all settings directly on site

sonicsense now allows you to be mobile with the new sonicTablets and check all settings on the music and sound programme directly in any room with sound and adjust them if necessary. Control the volume separately by zone, rate the song you are listening to, exclude it from your programme if necessary, or control your voice or advertising clips live and in real time.

Would you like to test your customised music channels in the preset rooms or adjust the volume ratio between a clip and the music? Check it now directly on site and correct all settings live if necessary.

If a customer asks you "what song is playing right now, sounds great!" - One look is all it takes and you can answer any question about the current programme competently.

The sonicsense tablet is available in three sizes, 10.5, 12.3 and 13 inches. The latest version of the sonicRemote control software is already pre-installed. Thanks to the Windows operating system, you can also install other applications and use them on the move.