Adjustment instead of increase - the name doesn't matter, GEMA wants more from you again!

Whatever you call it, GEMA fees are going up and up, and there's no changing that.

GEMA puts it bluntly on its website: 

"The remuneration rates for the reproduction of radio broadcasts and shop radio (tariff R I 1) and the remuneration rates for the regular reproduction of sound recordings in sales and recreation rooms (tariff M-U III 8) have been gradually adjusted since October 2020, especially for room areas over 200 square metres."

For those customers whose contracts are being renewed after the last increase, the even deeper dip into their pockets really comes at an inopportune time and one wonders who has not yet drastically increased their prices?

As a company, the question now is how do you react and get your costs under control despite increases without making business-damaging cuts? In the case of music, Audio Factory Media and its sonicsense division have been at the forefront for over 35 years now. In addition to the very best music, varied and hand-picked instead of computer-generated playlists, sonicsense customers receive a first-class, reasonably priced GEMA service that brings real savings in euros, but not in quality.

Probably the largest archive of premium music that we have licensed for you from the GEMA licence obligations frees every entrepreneur from his GEMA obligations. The best music, but without GEMA (AKM, SUISA etc.), is not only music to your ears, but also to your wallet!

Use one of our royaltyfree playlists where chart music is not absolutely necessary. If you are already a sonicsense customer, the changeover is just a few clicks away - just give us a call (+49 40 - 5570060)!

To top off the cost reduction, you can also book our GEMA administration service, click here for more details.

sonicsense - never be in a bad mood again when you listen to good music!