Sonos reports interference with streaming services

sonicsense continues to deliver music undisturbed

Currently no solution from Sonos in sight

According to an article on, there are currently increasing problems in connection with the popular streaming providers and Sonos speakers. No music of the configured music streaming services can be played. According to Sonos, there has been a problem with its own cloud services called Sonos Services since at least the morning hours of September 21, 2023.

Affected parties report that all music streaming subscriptions set up in Sonos are unplayable.

Our classic sonicsense music service is not streamed to sonos boxes, it is streamed via audio cable. So sonicsense customers with sonos speakers are not affected by this failure and are on the safe side.

Even in case of internet failure, the sonicsense music system will continue to play from the hard disk without interference. Our customers will therefore not experience any unpleasant silence.

New in our service is now also the possibility to play sonicsene via stream on wireless speakers of various manufacturers. Even with this sonicsense variant, you are not affected by the Sonos malfunction.

Unlike all other streaming sources, sonicstream also gives you you have almost unlimited control over the daily, fully automated and individually compiled music content. Any number of playlists can be preset day- and time-specific for different streams of visitors, own audio clips can be embedded into the program and, separated by sound zone, can be played time-exactly, single titles can be deselected/preferred or several playlists can be mixed to a new one. Even the creation and timing of any number of custom playlists is possible. Should the internet fail, sonicstream continues streaming in your rooms, uninterrupted.

The local stream can be received by all common streaming devices, for example by

Apple • BOSE PHILIPS Pioneer SONOS SONY • AUDAC • Teufel

but also from any smartphone that is present!

sonicstream offers a selection of around 200 GEMA-liable and GEMA-free channels, it has been specially developed for rooms where maximum program effectiveness is required at low installation and operating costs. It can also be operated in addition to existing sound reinforcement concepts to reach the particularly demanding clientele who want to enjoy very special playlists through their own headphones.